Joe Hewitt

Firebug News

A lot of people have been emailing me with Firebug questions in the last couple months - more emails than I've been able to reply to, so I apologize if you haven't heard back from me. In the last few days the emails have been more urgent than usual, so I figured that blogging would be the best way to get some answers out to everyone.

A lot of people have been writing to let me know that has been down for the last week or so - especially bad timing given that Firefox 3 is here and people are looking to upgrade Firebug too. I'm very aware of the problem with's web host. To prevent this from happening again, I decided to just transfer ownership of to Mozilla, who will take much better care of it than the crappy web host it has been running on to this point. The transfer is in progress and should be up and running again within a day or two.

Firebug 1.2 is the new version that is compatible with Firefox 3. Don't thank me for the new version, as I didn't write a line of code for it. The credit goes to the open source community that has sprung up around Firebug in the last year, led by John J. Barton of IBM. They've done an amazing job and made me feel really good about the decision to make Firebug free and open source. may not be back online tomorrow when Firefox 3 ships, but fret not, because Firebug 1.2 is already available to download from If you have Firebug 1.0x installed in Firefox 2 then you should get automatically upgraded when you install Firefox 3.